ecommerce developers

Ecommerce development is an essential requirement for online promotion these days. The aim of ecommerce developers is to extend the online presence of a website by giving an easy platform to online users via a secured shopping experience. Ecommerce websites are designed and developed to enhance the overall profitability of an online identity and popularizing the products and services. Hence, these websites are mainly meant for developing business opportunities depending upon the business performance and profit figures of the company.

Every company needs a developed network of services to expand its online operations. Hence, e-commerce websites solutions are needed to the most. These e-commerce websites act as an additional technical support of a company. It serves as a user-friendly platform to ensure business-to-business and business-to-customers related are fully taken care of.

BCNI is specialized in ecommerce development and we offer custom website development at competitive rates for individuals and smaller businesses.  BCNI can offer several ecommerce  solutions that are available to you from a small to a large e-commerce development solution. Our team knows e-commerce development, and knows it well. BCNI has developed numerous large e-commerce websites.

How can BCNI’s ecommerce developers help you? E-commerce websites have many different types of interesting and uncountable features which are incorporated into it. For example, content management system that allows users to make quick changes in the content presentation in the website. You can easily add new informative articles, blogs, press release and others to get immediate feedback from clients.

BCNI provides ecommerce services in Oakville, Burlington and Mississauga but also we are available via remote support all over Canada. We are committed to help you create the best ecommerce solution possible which will optimize your business’ presence online. We specialize in E-Commerce development. We produce full complex of development services – from design to template creation, from coding to testing.

The ecommerce solution created by BCNI’s developers will be tailored according to any of your particular requirements and business needs to make your marketing management extremely straightforward and productive. Our ecommerce developers will build a system which covers everything you need to sell your products, track your customers, process your transactions and much more. All from an easy and feasible web-based system.

By way of e-commerce websites, companies successfully establish competitive network of services online through which users connect and fulfill their needs. These websites join millions of people online including channel partners, consumers and service providers. Most of ecommerce developers design & develop a complete website such as site construction, incorporating shopping cart solutions, software outsourcing, re-engineering and improvisation, customized online promotion and etc. to strengthen your online presence.


Cisco authorized reseller

Communications and computer networking are paramount to today’s business environment, where everything happens at a very fast pace. Virtually all messages or transactions passing over the Internet are carried quickly and securely through Cisco equipment. Cisco reseller solutions ensure that networks both public and private operate with maximum performance, security, and flexibility.

As a Cisco authorized reseller, BCNI is always up-to-date with the latest information on the complete Cisco reseller line of products and it able to offer you personalized solutions for your company’s communication needs and ensures that both your private and public networks operate maximum performance, security, and flexibility.

As a Cisco reseller, BCNI helps ensure that performance and scalability is addressed and optimized. We will analyze your storage and networking needs, design a strategy to address your unique business requirements and implement a complete solution using Cisco products.


In addition, Cisco reseller solutions are the basis for most large, complex networks used by corporations, public institutions, telecommunication companies, and are found in a growing number of medium-sized commercial enterprises. BCNI is a leading independent Cisco reseller of all Cisco routers, switches and upgrades, fully tested at best prices.


We’ll listen to your challenges, ask you how you operate your business, and come up with a solution that will help your business thrive and adapt to change using the best Cisco equipment to suit your business. Whether it’s rapid growth in your customer base, a complex workflow, even a greater need for stronger security.

As an Cisco authorized reseller BCNI operates in Oakville, Burlington and Mississauga. We offer the following services:


  • Evaluation of your IT infrastructure to ensure the best utilization of Cisco technology
  • Sales of the full Cisco line of devices
  • Implementation of all Cisco Network management software
  • Repair of previous Cisco device installations
  • All continued maintenance of your IT infrastructure.


When you work with BCNI, you’re working with someone who truly understands not just the technology, but also the unique requirements of smaller companies like yours.

Aa an Cisco authorized reseller, BCNI specialists are trained in one or more technology areas, from routing and switching to voice and unified communications, from wireless deployments to network and security. We can help with any or all phases of building and operating your network:

  • Planning, preparing, and designing your network
  • Implementation
  • Operations support
  • Network optimization, or getting the most from your network

BCNI’s experienced team as Cisco authorized reseller, will provide not just product documentation and expertise, but we’ll help you sell more using time-tested marketing promotions.

cloud services

Cloud computing is a technology that uses remote servers and the internet to manage the applications and maintain the data. BCNI cloud storage services are allowing businesses to use their applications without access or installation if their files at any computer with internet access. Cloud storage services are allowing much more efficient computing by centralizing memory, storage, bandwidth and processing.

A simple example of cloud computing is Gmail or Hotmail. You don’t need a server or software to use them. All a user would need is just an internet connection and he is set up for sending and receiving emails. The email management software and server is all on the cloud storage space and is managed by the cloud service provider(in this example, Google or Microsoft). The consumer gets to use the application alone and enjoy the benefits.

Our cloud computing services are broken down into three segments: “storage”, “application” and “connectivity.” Cloud computing segments are serving different purposes and are offering different products for small or large businesses.



What cloud computing services does BCNI provide?


Cloud files


BCNI offers documents storage for small and larger businesses in the cloud storage environment, sharing and backup. All your files and folders can be kept in the cloud storage space as private or they can be shared instantly. You will not need to sent large files since they will be shared online and the recipient can chose to view the document inside the browser or he can download it directly to it’s computer.


Cloud server

BCNI cloud server services allows your business to have super administrator access to your server and from there you can run any application you want, without the restrictions that are present on shared servers. BCNI can set up a new server within minutes and when no longer needed, the server can be deleted and payment stopped.


Cloud Platform

Your business can develop your applications and services that can be managed and used in the cloud, this will be beneficial to get the product to market faster and scale the product or service.


The benefits of Cloud Computing

By using BCNI’s cloud services, your businesses can adjust requirements quickly as the market changes and pay only for what you use.

Ease of access
File sharing amongst employees, customers or colleagues can be done securely online from different locations. The cloud allows access from computer, mobile phones, tables, etc, for your files and documents.

Cost savings
You will not have to invest in new equipment which will need future upgrades or changes when your business volume increases and staff costs are increased. You also save the maintenance costs which will be eradicated since there is no psychical internal hardware required in order to store and share data within your business network.

Free Maintenance
BCNI will maintain for free the cloud services, and is responsible for maintaining and upgrading equipment.

Your customers and employees can access data from anywhere, almost from any device that has a internet connection at any time of the day or night. Our cloud services can offer more flexible working arrangements and more secure data transfer amongst employees.

BCNI is providing cloud services in Oakville, Burlington and Mississauga for small and large businesses.

wordpress developers

WordPress became one of the most popular CMS platform and blog publishing application, that can make web design work less painful for the developers.

Hiring dedicated, professional and expert wordpress developers from BCNI is beneficial for custom websites because an expert wordpress developer has a lot of knowledge from previous experiences and you can get new additional features in your website.

BCNI is one of the best wordpress development company, which has profound practice in WordPress plugin development. Our talented wordpress development team is highly talented in all sectors of wordpress blog creation and plugins development, wordpress customization and design services.

Professional wordpress developers from BCNI need less time to build your website and the execution speed and and loading time will be fast. However, a custom wordpress website has many interesting features such as integrated link management, tagging, posting multiple categories, plug-ins customization, valid HTML in compliance with W3C standards, password protected posts, easy importing and installation, spam protection, and lots more.

WordPress development allows easy content sharing across Social Media. At BCNIwe have a talented wordpress developers CMS team specializing in wordpress development.

BCNI wordpress developers will provide services for CMS(Content Management System) development, module installation, extensions development, theme implementation and customization, custom plug-ins development and many more. Our wordpress developers have a vast proficiency in PHP programming, MY-SQL, JavaScript and XML, a lot of work experience, availibility at time of emergency and they can provide customer and technical support.

BCNI offers best CMS web development, wordpress development and design services in Burlington, Oakville and Mississauga,  management system solutions at affordable prices.

IT support specialists

BCNI can help you troubleshooting your PC, internet, network set up and more via remote connection. Our prices are affordable and we are dedicated to bring you the best IT support services. Our IT support specialists have many years of experience and can help you with any IT issues that can jeopardize your business.

BCNI has an very experienced team which can offer you a fresh approach to solving IT issues. With BCNI IT technical support services you get greater and more personal problem solving and technical support than you would receive from your ISP, as ISP’s can be large companies with many clients to provide customer service to.

Our IT  support services are designed for either customers who don’t have an expert in-house IT support function, or those that wish to compliment their existing teams. With BCNI’s IT support services we can manage day-to-day IT systems and provide long-term advice regarding IT-related business issues.

If you choose to use BCNI IT specialists to help you set up or troubleshoot any technical related issue, generally you will find that our skilled IT specialists can manage almost any technical issue. Upon choosing BNCI as support company, you will be able to present any problem to our IT specialists, and the problem will be solved.

BCNI provides technical support and performs regular health check, to ensure your office PC’s longevity and working functions. Health check can include virus scanning and removal, checking and cleaning corrupt files, HDD scanning and optimization, advices on internet security, virus software updates, detection and removal of adware and spyware. Our IT support specialists can manage and maintain your business online network according to your budget or preferences. We are flexible and we can work with you in whatever capacity makes sense for your business.

BCNI can save you time and money when getting connected to the internet, most of BCNI it specialists can provide quick and safe solutions and the benefit of dealing with just one IT specialist. BCNI can also provide setup router or modem, security setup, web browsing, an ISP speed test or PC setup.

All of our IT support packages are customized to fit your needs so that you can worry less about IT and spend more time running your business. Small, medium or large businesses can fare well in today’s tough economy by outsourcing their IT needs to our support services.

Our IT support specialists can purchase, set up, install or maintain your entire network, from the servers to the PDA’s. BCNI’s IT support specialists can integrate everything for seamless information transfer between all of your devices.

BCNI offers personalized technical support, troubleshooting and more, choose a skilled BCNI IT specialist to take away all the troubles that you encounter with technical and PC issues. Get a technical support specialist from BCNI which can provide you with a wide range of pc troubleshooting solutions. BCNI is structured to incorporate a diverse range of pc related issues and setup, installation and upgrade needs.

Get IT specialists, technical support and great customer services from BCNI in Oakville, Burlington and Mississauga.

custom hosting solutions

BCNI can build custom hosting and scalable solutions to manage your business.

With the IT environments and applications that are getting more complex every day, hare at BCNI, we understand that you may need a custom hosting plan. With the flexibility of our infrastructure configurations and scalability of our high capacity network you can feel confident that we will be able to meet all of your your requirements for your web applications.

BCNI specializes in providing custom hosting solutions from small to large companies, our hosting solutions are supporting a vast range of applications and platforms, that are focused uptime and performance.

We initiate the custom hosting process, with an in-depth discovery meeting to identify and define the a network configuration that will suit you the best. Contact us today to speak to one of customer representatives about starting to build a custom hosting solution that will be the best for your demands.

Why BCNI hosting solutions?

Businesses are running Web Applications in the cloud to lower costs, deploy applications faster and easily scale. The scale of the BCNI cloud makes it easy for your business to respond to rapid growth or unexpected demand.

BCNI can optimize your custom hosting plan to suit your business needs and control costs for future changes. Each year, standard hosting solutions might no longer deliver the scalability, performance and security that you need for your business. BCNI overcomes these limits by providing flexibility that allows you to change the infrastructure of dedicated servers or cloud based services without compromising performance or security.

BCNI approach takes out the need for the costs associated with maintenance and for spreading your infrastructure across self-managed data centers and multiple hosting providers. We offer managed dedicated servers, colocation, cloud hosting and custom enterprise solutions for web applications.

BCNI offers dedicated servers hosting solutions or cloud server scalability, dedicated server performance, increased security and daily web applications maintenance in one package. Using our custom hosting solutions you will reduce capital expenses and liberate your technology resources so you can focus on improving your business. Our dedicated servers are ideal for your company’s applications that require a higher level of security.

Public or private dedicated servers or cloud environments are the ideal solution for database, web applications and scaling development environments. As one of the best hosting solutions, a cloud environment permits you to meet increased demand when running applications, without increased capital expenditures.

BCNI offers custom hosting solutions in Oakville, Burlington and Mississauga but also provides solutions via remote support throughout whole Canada.

Visit our custom hosting solutions website.

Network Security Specialists

Network security specialists can be of great value to any business, no matter its size. Even a larger firm, which has an  IT department, may not have the experience needed to manage its computer security. In this situation, you can make a good choice by considering network security specialists from BCNI. Our specialists can perform the following  :

Network penetration testing:

This is the classic method of testing the computer security inside a network, whereby BCNI network security specialists attempt to breach the network’s security using the same techniques and tools as are used by hackers. This method is considered to be the best practice to regular penetration testing, and after any major change in the configuration of the computer network.

Managed web application scanning:

Although this method is not strictly network-related, by using this managed computer security solution BCNI specialists can test the security of your website or web applications. The scanning is important if your website has rich content and complex structure, and should be done at least every month. BNCI network security specialists can scan web applications for vulnerabilities such as poor coding, input validation or weak configuration management.

Managed network vulnerability assessment:

This service offered by BCNI complements your regular network penetration tests, by scanning the entire network for known vulnerabilities on at least a monthly basis. This service is cheaper than a full penetration test, while still identifying weaknesses that could be exploited by criminals. It forms a cost-effective solution for companies that do not require the very highest levels of computer security. We specialize in computer security, network maintenance, application security and IT audit.
BCNI operates in Oakville, Burlington and Mississauga but also can operate via remote connection all over Canada.

windows server 2008 hyper v

BCNI technicians can provide

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 installation administration and management
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 transition, upgrades and migration
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 support
  • Windows Server 2008 disaster recovery
  • Cloud platform support

Support for your Microsoft Windows Server 2008

Are you offend of dealing with server problems and get messages such as ‘Cannot create a connection to data source’ or ‘login failed for user ‘username’ or other errors?  Resolve all these server issues once and for all with the help of BCNI technicians. BCNI provides support for Windows Server 8 which features a completely redesigned Server Manager. Windows Server 8 is no longer oriented toward single-server management as it is in R2 release. Because it embraces the cloud platform concept, the new Server Manager can manage multiple servers, and can provide an all-new dashboard that lets you drill down into local and remote servers.

BCNI offers critical server support through remote connection. BCNI is focusing on leading technology, and our expert technicians give their best to cater your server support requirements.

By using different software technologies and tools our system engineers will quickly diagnose your server issues to determine and prioritize the errors and troubleshoot all issues that cause execution failure. The troubleshooting process is done right away without wasting any time via remote support.


One advantage of Windows Server 8 is that it uses the Server Core as the default server environment, marking a huge change away from dependence on the GUI for management. That means the initial configuration of the server can be completed via GUI and that can be removed after the installation process is completed. Unlike Server 2008 R2, there’s no need to reinstall the OS to get rid of the GUI. With many years of experience in server install and configuration BCNI technicians can easily install and configure your Windows Server 2008 which will suit your needs.

BCNI also provides support for small businesses. Our technicians are available 24×7 and you can get full support at the most affordable prices. Our server technicians are using the next generation web tools from Microsoft Windows Server 2008, built-in virtualization technologies, and security and server management enhancements that will help you in the most efficient way to manage IT operations, reduce costs and improve performance of business-critical systems.

BCNI technicans are working with online technical support resources to follow a precise and meticulous approach to cut down the cost of IT support services and increase the overall efficacy of services.

Windows Server 2008 online server support services from BCNI offer remote monitoring and management for all components of your server infrastructure, including tasks at the OS level, databases, networks and custom applications. You can also ask for personalized solutions to fulfill your unique business needs.

You can ask our technicians for tweaks to maintain an efficient and stable server network.


Some useful tips for maintaining your server:

Do not to overload your server with too many photos loading in web pages especially those with large sizes.

Always clean up and backup your blog database junk entries on regular basis.

Remove widgets and other files in your header, sidebar and footer that are no longer useful.

Why we have chosen Windows Server 2008?

Windows Server 2008 is the most substantial upgrade to the Windows Server product line since Windows 2000, with multiple set of capabilities and a new core that will usher in a new era of 64-bit server computing. Like Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 was in development for many years and some of the many features were originally taken and implemented from its predecessors, Windows Server 2003 and the R2 release. Unlike Windows Vista, this lengthy was a benefit to Windows Server 2008. The whole development process worked to the product’s advantage and the final product is a refined, mature, and stable OS that will power server systems of all kinds for years to come.

Windows Server 2008 utilizes an evolved version of the Active Directory infrastructure that first developed in Windows 2000, but many of the features of Windows Server 2008 are radical and revolutionary. In this new OS was introduced Hyper-V(hypervisor-based virtualization technology) which provides a lightweight version of the server aimed at specific workloads. As major Windows Server upgrade, Windows Server 2008 includes a set of powerful  functions that improve scalability, reliability, manageability, performance, and security.

Microsoft Exchange support

BCNI exchange mail server support technicians can provide

  • Exchange mail server installation administration and management
  • Exchange 2010/2007 transition, upgrades and migration
  • Mail server support
  • Outlook Anywhere
  • Mobile device connection support

Support for your Exchange server

For almost any businesses, the email service provides the most frequent distribution of data to the customers and employees. To support your business the email server must be up to the task, and that is where BCNI specialists can help. Our technicians can maintain and install your email system using Microsoft Exchange Server. BCNI specialsts are Microsoft certified and trained on Exchange Server with many years of experience with Exchange Server.

For small business BCNI can provide Microsoft’s Small Business Server which is an alternative solution that provides email and other essential functionality.



Exchange server recovery & message routing

If your lost connectivity with your email server there are some things that matter more to your business. The sales department will get frustrated. The management cannot communicate with their employees. Employees will wonder how they will get their files out to your customers. Customers are waiting for a response to the emails they sent you.

This is where BCNI specialists can help. We can diagnose quickly the problem and recover your Exchange Server to get you back in business.

BCNI experts are working methodically through the most common issues that can appear from DNS record changes to network outages or Active Directory account settings to more advanced problems that imply reviews of the Exchange logs or verifying and restoring the integrity of the system. BCNI specialists are using advanced and powerful tools to help solve many Exchange server issues.

BCNI can provide a verified backup solution updated on daily basis to keep your data safe and accurate. With Exchange Server the mailboxes can be rebuilt without having to bring the mail server offline so your employees and customers can continue business as usual without interruption.



Exchange mail server security

BCNI provides integrated security to every solution.

The most important part of your mail server is the security that cannot be compromised. By default your email server must be able to communicate with your internal network and the internet, but it must also be secure. We believe that security should be integrated into every aspect of your mail server. There are many software applications and hardware solutions that should be implemented and used in the same time to maximize security. Antivirus, anti-spam and firewall applications as well as Outlook Web Access and Outlook Mobile Access through an Internet Security and Acceleration server are all additional components that you should take in consideration when taking care of security in an Exchange Server email solution for your business.

continuous data protection

In the past, small and medium sized businesses have relied on tape based backup systems to backup and restore their critical data. In our experience, managing and ensuring successful backups is an overwhelming task for most administrators.

BCNI now recommends Sonicwall CDP to replace tape backups. CDP (continuous data protection) is a real time hard disk based system that backs up data on an ongoing basis. CDP is more reliable, easy to work with and less expensive to maintain compared to tape systems.

The Sonicwall CDP is a self contained appliance that plugs directly into your network. Backing up servers and workstations is simply a matter of loading the agent software on each machine you wish to backup, Backups happen in real time, meaning that as you create and save files they are automatically backed up to the CDP appliance. Restoring files is a simple matter of point and click in the management software. The CDP also keeps previous file versions available for restore.

In addition to file based backup the CDP also offers an option to create a point-in-time snapshot. This is particularly useful for MS Exchange or MS SQL servers. Restoring from a disk based system also provides the benefit of cutting the restore time down to just minutes rather than hours in the case of tape systems.
CDP also has an excellent system for moving data to an off-site location. If your company has a branch office data can be moved across the internet, again in real time to a second CDP device. Alternatively managed services based on data being stored are offered by service providers including BCNI Oakville.

BCNI Oakville is an authorized Sonicwall gold partner

Sonicwall CDP 210 with 2 Terabytes of storage starting from $1290.

Please contact our sales department for more information or 905 825-9404


We are service oriented and have been operating in Oakville since 1991.

Our Enterprise experience, and small business values along with our knowledgeable sales and support staff make us a great choice for your IT needs.

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