BCNI Oakville – your Office 365 installation and support experts.

As a certified Microsoft Cloud Services Partner, BCNI consults on all aspects of Office 365 deployment. We can assist you to choose the correct Office 365 product, plan the installation and migration and provide support on the completion.


BCNI Office 365 services:

With numerous Office 365 migrations as well as new installations, BCNI brings extra value to your Office 365 license purchase.

License consulting and license sales:

At no extra cost BCNI’s knowledgeable sales staff will help you make informed decisions ensuring you only purchase the Office 365 licenses best suited for your business needs.

Office 365 Planning:

BCNI’s expert technical staff can assist you with migrating from existing mail servers or integrating Office 365 with your on premises servers.

Post installation support:

For an affordable monthly rate let BCNI act as your first line support and help desk for your user base. With our extensive enterprise experience with both on premise servers/workstation plus office 365,  BCNI can quickly resolve technical issues allowing your team to maintain productivity.

Why integrate Office 365 with an on-premises active directory environment?

When directory services are integrated, our customers can synchronize and manage user accounts for both services. Password integration can be added to allow single sign on, so that users have the convenience of logging on to both environments with their on-premises credentials.



Exchange Rules add-on

As most Canadian businesses are aware, CASL or Canadian Antispam Legislation came into effect on July 1, 2014. This legislation has caused concern for our customers that send promotional e-mails to their customers via their internal Exchange server or Office 365 Exchange server. BCNI has recently partnered with CodeTwo to resell Exchange Rules add-on software. CodeTwo Exchange Rules is an Exchange signature manager – a Microsoft Server add-on designed to help server administrators centralize the management of email signatures and disclaimers on MS Exchange. It will help you quickly set up professional signatures for all employees in your company, without configuring anything on their computers or mobile devices. Perhaps most significant, legal disclaimers not only can be easily added to emails, including the ability to place a link in your e-mail which will allow customers to unsubscribe from your marketing, which is key over the next 36 months.

Fact: You can continue to use email if you have express or implied consent from recipients. During the 36-month transition period (after July 1, 2014), you can continue to use your current email list if you have previously provided your products or services to them and they haven’t told you to stop.
For more information or pricing on Exchange Rules add-on software, please contact or 905-825-9404

Below is an excerpt from an article written by Microsoft’s Tim Rains which effectively sums up the risks of using unsupported operating systems.

Microsoft Corp publishes a security intelligence report which analyzes threat intelligence from more than 1 billion systems worldwide to provide in-depth perspectives on exploits, vulnerabilities and malware to help customers manage risk. Among other intelligence, the report examines the security risk that consumers and businesses face when using unsupported operating systems and software and looks at the implications of using Windows XP once support, including security updates, ends April 8, 2014. In addition, new telemetry compares the security of modern operating systems such as Windows 8 with older operating systems such as Windows XP that, according to StatCounter, make up approximately 21 percent of operating systems used today.

The report found these top three worldwide threats for those running Windows XP:
• Sality. Malware family that can steal personal information and lower a PC’s security settings.
• Ramnit. Malware that infects Windows executable files, Microsoft Office files and HTML files.
• Vobfus. Family of worms that can download other malware onto a PC; it can be downloaded by other malware or spread via removable drives, such as USB flash drives.

The report found that in the first half of 2013, nearly 17 percent of computers worldwide running up-to-date, real-time security products from Microsoft encountered malware. Although Windows 8 encountered a similar amount of malware as Windows XP, computers running Windows XP were six times more likely to actually be infected with those threats.

“The data help illustrate the positive impact that security innovations in newer operating systems are having. Modern operating systems such as Windows 8 include advanced security technologies that are specifically designed to make it harder, more complex, more expensive and, therefore, less appealing for cybercriminals to exploit vulnerabilities,” said Tim Rains, director of Microsoft Trustworthy Computing.

Rains added that once security updates for Windows XP stop on April 8, 2014, security risks associated with continuing to use the outdated software will increase as cybercriminals seek to exploit newly discovered vulnerabilities. The last version of Windows XP to go out of support was Service Pack 2. In the two years following, malware infections jumped 66 percent when compared with Windows XP SP3, the version for which support ends next year.

“The importance of upgrading from Windows XP cannot be overstated,” Rains said. “We truly want people to understand the risks of running Windows XP after support ends and to recognize the security benefits of upgrading to a more modern operating system — one that includes the latest in security innovations, provides ongoing support and can in turn better protect them.”
Those wanting to download and learn more about the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report findings should visit

Since the release of Office 365, has assisted local businesses in evaluating and executing a seamless transition to Office 365. BCNI is an authorized Microsoft 365 reseller and vendor of Microsoft server and productivity software.

Consulting services include:

-transitioning from your existing mail service provider
-transitioning from an existing Microsoft Exchange mail server and moving archived mail
-Mobile device requirements and setup
-Planning and implementing Sharepoint services
-firewall and network security planning
-Domain record requirements and management
-workstation requirements and planning
-office 365 version selection and pricing

for more information email or call (905)825 9404

With our office right on the Burlington border, BCNI has been able to provide quick response for Burlington businesses requiring onsite network support. BCNI has expert technical staff well trained on Microsoft server operating systems and hardware including; IBM,HP, Dell, Lenovo, Cisco, Sonicwall, AppAssure and more. Call us today for a no cost consultation to review your onsite network support requirements. or (905) 825-9404 for more information.

With the steady increase of new office space in Western Mississauga minutes from our offices, BCNI has been available to assist Mississauga businesses with their managed IT service requirements. BCNI has well trained technical staff available to tailor a managed IT plan for your business. BCNI specializes in Microsoft server operating systems, Exchange mail and the required hardware including; IBM, HP, Dell, Lenovo, Cisco, Sonicwall, AppAssure and more. Please contact or (905) 825-9404 for more information.

BCNI Oakville has added another data centre service to our existing arsenal of off-site backup hosting and data warehousing services. At BCNI we are constantly looking for innovative products and like DELL who purchased AppAssure in early 2012, we feel AppAssure will greatly benefit many of our clients who support mission critical servers . In order to make the solution simple, BCNI will install an AppAssure core at your site and replicate to our data centre all for one low monthly cost.

What is AppAssure?
AppAssure is a complete data protection software solution which unifies backup, replication and recovery. The AppAssure solution offers flexible replication and recovery spanning physical, virtual and cloud environments. AppAssure can be used with a wide variety of storage hardware, ranging from inexpensive SATA direct attach products to iSCSI SANs.

Live Recovery
Near-instant recovery of your entire server from your backup in a matter of minutes.
Universal Recovery
No need to maintain identical standby machines. Replace them with AppAssure’s less costly hardware-independent machine-to-machine or machine-to environment recoveries: P2V, V2V, V2P.
Minutes-long recoveries
Live Recovery™ technology cuts RTOs (recovery time objectives) to minutes. Choose from 288 recovery points in a day.
Minimize disk storage footprint
True Global™ deduplication and compression technology cuts storage requirements by up to 80% over traditional single-machine schemes.
Recovery Assure
Know for sure that your backup file is completely recoverable with AppAssure’s automated recovery verification technology.
Near-zero data loss
Schedule snapshot technology and incremental-forever, changed-block tracking backups as frequently as every five minutes.
Replication feature
Turn on a preconfigured virtual machine clone immediately after a production machine failure.
Line-speed efficiency
Dell AppAssure TrueScale scalable architecture backs up fast-changing data without interrupting or slowing user access to physical or virtual production machines.

for more info please call 905-825-9404 or email

BCNI network support services in Oakville has been a Sonicwall Silver partner in excess of  5 years now.  Over this time our technical staff has been very impressed with the performance, support and price of the Sonicwall security suite of products and as a result Sonicwall is often our first recommendation when our corporate clients are sourcing  firewall products, Email security and also data backup/disaster recovery devices.

In a continuation of our commitment to Sonicwall security products, our VP of technical services James Neal,  has completed the CSSA certification exam (Certified SonicWALL Security Administrator)  Congratulations James!

For a comprehensive review of your network and internet/email security please contact or 905-825-9404





hp authorized reseller

To perform at a higher level, you need to work with highly skilled experts who understand your business inside and out, and can help you achieve your objectives. When engaging an HP server authorized reseller, you can be assured that you will receive high quality software solutions, service and support – what you need, where and when you need it.

BCNI is such a HP server authorized reseller and will help empower your success by helping you make the best investment possible in server capabilities for your company. BCNI, as an HP server authorized reseller, is committed to making an extensive investment in skills and a renewed commitment to providing the solutions you demand.

Customers are increasingly seeking solutions, not just products, to address their IT requirements. As a result, they continually find themselves having to invest in applications and services from separate skilled providers. BCNI by becoming an authorized reseller of Hewlett Packard products has the ability to offer a total solution and HP warranty to address a number of asset management challenges facing businesses today.

As an  HP authorized reseller, we are part of a network of dealers and resellers who are authorized to provide support on Hewlett-Packard products both in and out of HP warranty. This support may include facilitation of HP repair and/or in-house repair. We provide in-house and onsite repair by functioning as an authorized reseller of Hewlett Packard products and we offer either a HP warranty service, or out-of-warranty chargeable services. BCNI operates as an HP server authorized reseller in Oakville, Burlington and Mississauga.

Our authorized sales staff have in-depth understanding of the latest innovative Hewlett Packard product range from the HP ProLiant, HP Integrity, HP 9000 Servers to component parts, memory, cards, storage and tape back-up.  Allow our certified engineers to design and deliver your new hewlett packard based network. As authorized reseller BCNI will help you with the entire process including quoting, project design, delivery, installation and maintenance, plus we offer the HP warranty. Our experts are with you every step of the way.

The BCNI team will coordinate desktop, server and printer configurations, provide value added services you expect from a IT solutions company and allow you to buy Hewlett Packard products directly from HP at competitive prices. As an authorized reseller we deliver HP products, providing range of systems that are engineered to address the requirements of different types of workloads, allowing clients to take a workload optimized approach in how they meet the needs of the business and give HP warranty to all the products.

Our status as an authorized reseller allows us to customize hardware to match your unique business applications at a competitive cost. This includes configuration of HP’s excellent line of enterprise servers and storage products to support your network infrastructure. This opportunity has helped us develop and discover new opportunities for our business and make more-informed licensing recommendations for our customers. This has helped us expand our horizons in terms of business partners and customers.

web development

Web development relates to the creation of function rich web sites for the internet. Web development differs from web design in that it creates a more user interactive web experience. Examples of web development sites would be e-commerce and web content management systems. In the industry, web development is usually considered as the coding process and programming rather than the design side of web site construction. A web developer is a focused professional who is attentive to your business’ needs so that they can develop the perfect online presence by making a thorough research at what is best for your company.

In the last 10 years the industry has grown rapidly and is one of the largest growing sectors in this time frame. A lot of this growth can be attributed to the demand of businesses needing a professional web presence and the ability to sell their products and services online. That’s where BCNI comes in! Our team of web developers are experienced professionals who sit alongside graphic designers and collaborate to create a common vision for what your online presence will be.

Is it really a difficult task to choose and build that one precise business association which will further partner with you to cut across the market clutter and enjoy advanced and innovative business-critical solutions and services? BCNI has strategically designed its solutions and services to cater to the unique individual business needs of the clients. We have successfully helped our clients achieve their business objectives through cost-effective solutions and high quality programming, ensuring best practices at all times. BCNI provides web development services in Oakville, Burlington and Mississauga. Our team of web developers can thus always be in contact with you through remote connection service.

We are a crew of highly skilled and hard working professionals who have continually enhanced the most powerful marketing tool of our clients to build their online identity and brand – their website! The website design that we create reflects the quality, image, lifestyle and status that you wish your brand to be associated with. Our arty designs liven up your brand and give your business a thrust. The web developers are the basis of all of our designs as he is the one in charge with creating the basic layout of the site.

BCNI web developers are programming technically complex yet efficient and innovative solutions and services that leverage maximum potential of the latest web technologies to create an interactive and engaging appeal for the customer.


We are service oriented and have been operating in Oakville since 1991.

Our Enterprise experience, and small business values along with our knowledgeable sales and support staff make us a great choice for your IT needs.

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