BCNI now a DELL /AppAssure service provider

BCNI now a DELL /AppAssure service provider

BCNI Oakville has added another data centre service to our existing arsenal of off-site backup hosting and data warehousing services. At BCNI we are constantly looking for innovative products and like DELL who purchased AppAssure in early 2012, we feel AppAssure will greatly benefit many of our clients who support mission critical servers . In order to make the solution simple, BCNI will install an AppAssure core at your site and replicate to our data centre all for one low monthly cost.

What is AppAssure?
AppAssure is a complete data protection software solution which unifies backup, replication and recovery. The AppAssure solution offers flexible replication and recovery spanning physical, virtual and cloud environments. AppAssure can be used with a wide variety of storage hardware, ranging from inexpensive SATA direct attach products to iSCSI SANs.

Live Recovery
Near-instant recovery of your entire server from your backup in a matter of minutes.
Universal Recovery
No need to maintain identical standby machines. Replace them with AppAssure’s less costly hardware-independent machine-to-machine or machine-to environment recoveries: P2V, V2V, V2P.
Minutes-long recoveries
Live Recovery™ technology cuts RTOs (recovery time objectives) to minutes. Choose from 288 recovery points in a day.
Minimize disk storage footprint
True Global™ deduplication and compression technology cuts storage requirements by up to 80% over traditional single-machine schemes.
Recovery Assure
Know for sure that your backup file is completely recoverable with AppAssure’s automated recovery verification technology.
Near-zero data loss
Schedule snapshot technology and incremental-forever, changed-block tracking backups as frequently as every five minutes.
Replication feature
Turn on a preconfigured virtual machine clone immediately after a production machine failure.
Line-speed efficiency
Dell AppAssure TrueScale scalable architecture backs up fast-changing data without interrupting or slowing user access to physical or virtual production machines.

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