Microsoft Server 2008 installation and support

Microsoft Server 2008 installation and support

windows server 2008 hyper v

BCNI technicians can provide

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 installation administration and management
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 transition, upgrades and migration
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 support
  • Windows Server 2008 disaster recovery
  • Cloud platform support

Support for your Microsoft Windows Server 2008

Are you offend of dealing with server problems and get messages such as ‘Cannot create a connection to data source’ or ‘login failed for user ‘username’ or other errors?  Resolve all these server issues once and for all with the help of BCNI technicians. BCNI provides support for Windows Server 8 which features a completely redesigned Server Manager. Windows Server 8 is no longer oriented toward single-server management as it is in R2 release. Because it embraces the cloud platform concept, the new Server Manager can manage multiple servers, and can provide an all-new dashboard that lets you drill down into local and remote servers.

BCNI offers critical server support through remote connection. BCNI is focusing on leading technology, and our expert technicians give their best to cater your server support requirements.

By using different software technologies and tools our system engineers will quickly diagnose your server issues to determine and prioritize the errors and troubleshoot all issues that cause execution failure. The troubleshooting process is done right away without wasting any time via remote support.


One advantage of Windows Server 8 is that it uses the Server Core as the default server environment, marking a huge change away from dependence on the GUI for management. That means the initial configuration of the server can be completed via GUI and that can be removed after the installation process is completed. Unlike Server 2008 R2, there’s no need to reinstall the OS to get rid of the GUI. With many years of experience in server install and configuration BCNI technicians can easily install and configure your Windows Server 2008 which will suit your needs.

BCNI also provides support for small businesses. Our technicians are available 24×7 and you can get full support at the most affordable prices. Our server technicians are using the next generation web tools from Microsoft Windows Server 2008, built-in virtualization technologies, and security and server management enhancements that will help you in the most efficient way to manage IT operations, reduce costs and improve performance of business-critical systems.

BCNI technicans are working with online technical support resources to follow a precise and meticulous approach to cut down the cost of IT support services and increase the overall efficacy of services.

Windows Server 2008 online server support services from BCNI offer remote monitoring and management for all components of your server infrastructure, including tasks at the OS level, databases, networks and custom applications. You can also ask for personalized solutions to fulfill your unique business needs.

You can ask our technicians for tweaks to maintain an efficient and stable server network.


Some useful tips for maintaining your server:

Do not to overload your server with too many photos loading in web pages especially those with large sizes.

Always clean up and backup your blog database junk entries on regular basis.

Remove widgets and other files in your header, sidebar and footer that are no longer useful.

Why we have chosen Windows Server 2008?

Windows Server 2008 is the most substantial upgrade to the Windows Server product line since Windows 2000, with multiple set of capabilities and a new core that will usher in a new era of 64-bit server computing. Like Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 was in development for many years and some of the many features were originally taken and implemented from its predecessors, Windows Server 2003 and the R2 release. Unlike Windows Vista, this lengthy was a benefit to Windows Server 2008. The whole development process worked to the product’s advantage and the final product is a refined, mature, and stable OS that will power server systems of all kinds for years to come.

Windows Server 2008 utilizes an evolved version of the Active Directory infrastructure that first developed in Windows 2000, but many of the features of Windows Server 2008 are radical and revolutionary. In this new OS was introduced Hyper-V(hypervisor-based virtualization technology) which provides a lightweight version of the server aimed at specific workloads. As major Windows Server upgrade, Windows Server 2008 includes a set of powerful  functions that improve scalability, reliability, manageability, performance, and security.


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