Remote support

How to access support?

You can connect to our Remote Support system here, just enter the 6-digit pin code that the BCNI technician provided you with in the form below, then click “Download Support Applet”.

Once clicked, you will need to find and run ‘Support-LogMeInRescue.exe’ to launch the technician console.

Enter the 6-digit PIN code provided by our technician:


Please e-mail to initiate a technical support session.  This e-mail is delivered to the on-call team of available technical support staff and service managers for optimal response time. The support mail queue is constantly monitored during business hours.



BCNI Oakville offers clients very experienced technicians and quick response to critical IT issues.  BCNI offers clients fixed price support service agreements based on the number of servers and workstations.  Support can also be obtained hourly as required.

BCNI has enterprise level technical experience

Top supported platforms and equipment include:

Microsoft server, Microsoft Small Business Server (SBS), Windows XP and Windows 7

Microsft Exchange server and Microsoft SQL server

Firewalls and Layer 3 and 4 switches

RAID 5 drive arrays, NAS and direct attach storage solutions

Backups and Tape systems

Please call us at 905-825-9404 or e-mail  for more information

Email down?

If you do not have access to e-mail, please call 905 825-9404 press 0 to speak to a representative. In the event a representitive is not available to take your call please leave a message and the phone system will page a technical representative.

I have requested support, now what?

Typically once we receive a request for support, the first available technician will contact you in order to establish a remote control session to your PC or server with your authorization. If this is not possible, we will then coordinate an on-site service call.

After hours/ week end support

If you have an after hours service agreement please quote the agreement number in your e-mail or message. If you do not have an agreement your call will be addressed on an as available basis. Please note that premium rates may be applicable for after hours and weekend support.