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27 Mar

Microsoft Hyper V and Server Virtualization Experts

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Server virtualization, also known as hardware virtualization, is a hot topic in the IT world because of the potential for serious economic benefits. Microsoft Hyper V virtualization solutions are relatively new. Microsoft Hyper V, the next generation hypervisor-based virtualization technology, allows you to make the best use of your server hardware investments by consolidating multiple server

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20 Feb

Microsoft Server 2008 installation and support

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BCNI technicians can provide Microsoft Windows Server 2008 installation administration and management Microsoft Windows Server 2008 transition, upgrades and migration Microsoft Windows Server 2008 support Windows Server 2008 disaster recovery Cloud platform support Support for your Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Are you offend of dealing with server problems and get messages such as ‘Cannot create a connection to

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17 Feb

Microsoft Exchange installation and support

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BCNI exchange mail server support technicians can provide Exchange mail server installation administration and management Exchange 2010/2007 transition, upgrades and migration Mail server support Outlook Anywhere Mobile device connection support Support for your Exchange server For almost any businesses, the email service provides the most frequent distribution of data to the customers and employees. To

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